Video Kontes Ciuman Terlama Didunia

Foto Syur ABG Dengan Rekor Ciuman Terlama Dihari Valentine

Seven couples who appeared exhausted from kissing a new world record in the event the “World’s Longest Continuous kiss” to commemorate Valentine’s Day. Longest non-stop kissing contest was already over 32 hours and still going!

Contestants breaking the previous record: 32 hours, 7 minutes and 14 seconds which is made pair from Germany.

“But at the same time I fear for our kontenstan. They look very tired. We have set up medical services for them,” he added.

He specifically noted the couple, 51-year-old woman and her husband 37 years.
“The wife was tired but would not give up. He was tired but he wrote a note to us that theywill the last pair . I think they will survive until they collapsed , “saidSamporn .


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