The 2012 Miss America in Las Vegas – Miss Wisconsin Laura Kaeppeler

Who will be Miss America? The 2012 competition for the All-American woman is underway.  The 2012 Miss America was crowned Saturday night (Jan. 14) in Las Vegas – Miss Wisconsin Laura Kaeppeler. She wore perhaps the most elegant evening gown, looking simple and chic in black with a lace bodice. She compared the top of her dress to Kate Middleton’s wedding dress. (miss america, miss america pageant, 2012 miss america, 2012 miss america pageant, megalophobic)

For her talent, this 23-year-old from Kenosha, WI sang an Italian aria, with an absolutely gorgeous operatic voice. She also looked stunning in a red dress. And for her question in the Q&A portion, she was asked if Miss Americas should voice their political views. Laura gave a very diplomatic answer about how Miss America represents everyone and therefore should not thrust her views onto the public.



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