“The Artist” won three Golden Globes Weinstein Co.’s silent

Ricky Gervaishosts the Golden Globe Awardsagain live from the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills on Sunday. golden globe nominees, golden globe 2012, golden globe winners 2012, golden globe awards, golden globe live.

Jan. 15 (Bloomberg) — “The Artist” won three Golden Globes, boosting the financial prospects for Weinstein Co.’s silent, black-and-white movie and its chances to win at next month’s Academy Awards.

Gossip Cop will have full coverage of the festivities!

Awards season is officially upon us, and the stars were at their finest at the 2012 Golden Globes. Big winners ‘The Descendants’ and ‘The Artist’ took home multiple statues, but the awards for Best Dressed were a whole other story. Take a look the night’s style winners and losers …

BEST: MICHELLE WILLIAMS – Not only did ‘My Week With Marilyn’ star Michelle Williams win the award for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical, but the indie darling looks sensational in this quirky Jason Wu gown. –BY JOANNA SLOAME.



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